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Assure is the first Direct Wrap Premium Screen to be introduced in the market. Since its launch in 2008, it has a proven track record of thousands of joints and has been installed in numerus wells across the globe. Using the principles of Direct Wrap drainage layer and reduced gap construction, Assure can deliver exceptional mechanical properties while maintaining sand control performance.

A Premium Screen’s performance derives from two characteristics: the filter media and the overall construction of the screen. Assure uses a sintered mesh laminate which provides enhanced sand retention and plugging resistance. The sintering process also provides additional strength to the mesh and locks the engineered pore geometry. Assure overall construction utilises inner and outer drainage layers to provide uniform standoff between the filter media and its adjacents layers (base pipe and protective shroud) which ensures uniform flow over the entire filter’s surface. The unique protective shroud’s sizing process ensures conforming fit over the outer drainage layer, enhancing the mechanical properties of the screen assembly.

Main Applications

  • Deepwater, High CAPEX wells

  • Wellbores with high pressure requirements

  • Openhole stand alone screen completions

  • Openhole & cased hole gravel pack completions

  • Through tubing application


  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Excellent sand retention capabilities

  • Optimal product OD

  • Reliability



  • The Direct Wrap of layers provides excellent mechanical properties and reduced product OD

  • Sintered laminate filter media available in Fine(115μ), Medium (175μ) and Coarse (250μ), along with customization

  • Filter layer comes in 316Lss or Alloy 20

  • Base pipe metallurgy covers from basic carbon steel to high chromium alloy

  • Inner and outer drainage layers provides uniform flow distribution

  • Available in various screen coverage/sizes including through tubing diameters for remedial applications


Manufacturing & Quality

The manufacture of Assure undergoes rigorous quality assurance and control practices including a detailed Quality Control Plan, full material and operator traceability and quality control inspection throughout the process.

The critical filter media element is sent to a third party laboratory, Whitehouse Scientific for glass bead testing to define its Filter Cut Point and to verify the filter media is within specification. All information is correlated into a Quality Dossier delivered with the product.
Assure has been tested under the ISO 17824 for Sand Control Screens by an independent testing laboratory with excellent results in burst and collapse tests compared to other industry Premium Screens.



In flow control devices (ICD) or autonomos inflow control device (AICD), which improves oil recovery, can be integrated with Secure to improve process efficiency of the well production.


Assure can incorporate a sliding sleeve door (SSD) to provide a system that allows selective shut-off in different sections of the pay zone. A shifting tool is used to close the sliding sleeve, successfully isolating the reservoir from the tubing ID.


Thru-tubing screens are miniatured version of the screen , designed to run inside existing tubing string as small as 2-3/8”.
Screens are installed to perform re-medial sand control inside a failed screen or tubing where sand control was not installed.
Thru-tubing screens can be gravel packed or run as stand-alone screens, depending on the sand conditions. Sizes ranges from 1” base pipe OD to 1.9”, with a product OD of 1.5” to 2.4”.

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