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Every oil well drilling project is different and the operator has to use different well-completion tools to ensure maximum production without increasing the costs.

We produce a wide range of well-completion accessories and sand control screens.

Well-completion equipment is essential in ensuring the oil well productivity is as efficient as possible. This is why we produce a wide selection of crossovers and couplings. What's more, we also produce mule shoes, wire line entry guides, flow couplings, blast joints, and much more.

Completion Products is one of the world's leading sand control screen suppliers worldwide. We produce and sell premium oil & gas well screens, sand control screens, direct wrap screens, wire wrapped screens, water well screens, and repack screens. Our sand screen is patented and has obtained awards and certifications.

Thanks to our premium sand screen, we're one of the best sand screen manufacturers in the world. Our premium sand screen utilizes the principles of Direct Wrap and swaging to eliminate gaps between layers so it can deliver expected mechanical properties while providing a high flow and open area for sand control performance.

All our products are built according to the latest standards and safety guidelines API/ISO standards. Completion Products is the audited and approved supplier for major  oil and gas companies. To find out more about our product portfolio click on one of the links above.

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