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Capture is a robust Direct Wrap on pipe screen designed for stand alone and gravel pack sand control applications. The profile/shaped wire is wrapped directly on the base pipe providing conformance and eliminating the gap between screen and base pipe. This process creates a unified structure producing enhanced mechanical properties such as collapse, burst, bend, tensile, compression and torque superior to conventional slip-on WWS.

This makes Capture ideal for Deepwater, high CAPEX investment wells requiring quality and reliability, Extended Long Reach Completion (ERD) wells with demanding deployment conditions and SAGD requiring sand control integrity for thermal cyclic loading wells.
With the latest Direct Wrap machine technology and vision measurement systems, Capture delivers a world class screen product with excellent slot control from 50μm to 5,000μm and measurement of slots from compliance with ISO 17824 to client specific QCP with 100% of slots measured with a resolution of 5μm.

Main Applications

  • Deepwater, High CAPEX wells

  • Wellbores with high pressure requirements

  • Openhole stand alone screen completions

  • Openhole & cased hole gravel pack completions

  • High Temp, High Pressure, SAGD


  • Increased completion longevity

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Excellent slot control

  • Reliability and cost effective



  • Consistent & accurate slot openings (Optical slot measurement)

  • The Direct Wrap of screen provides reduced product OD

  • Different wire (radial) & rib (axial) configuration available based on requirements and well condition

  • “Lite” cost effective, erosion resistant “House Shape” profile wire and heavy-duty screens

  • Inherent damage resistance during installation

  • Available in various screen coverage, metallurgy requirements (incl 316Lss, 304ss, Incoloy 825, Custom)

  • Available in diameters from 2-3/8” to 10”


Manufacturing & Quality

The manufacture of Capture undergoes rigorous quality assur-ance and control practices including a detailed Quality Control Plan, full material and operator traceability and inspection throughout the process, including optical slot inspection. All information comes in a Quality Dossier delivered with the product.

The profile wires are the key to ensure slot accuracy, with a 100% continuous laser micrometer measurement: our profile wires are manufactured using stringent processes to ensure metallurgical integrity in grain size, control of hardness and cleanliness, providing high tolerance on the size.
Prevention of SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking) comes thru annealing process, while the cleanliness of the wire helps ensure consistent weld ability.
Optical slot inspection indeed is done using a calibrated vision measurement system with a resolution of 5μm, so slot measurements can be made to comply with ISO17824, API 19SS Q1, client specific QCP requiring 100% slot measurement in a single plane or greater. A Statistical Process Control is used to define the screen slot and is supplied with the Quality Dossier.​

Capture has undergone stringent testing. It has been under the ISO 17824 for Sand Control Screens with excellent results in burst and collapse tests. A full portfolio of mechanical testing has been made including tensile, torque and bend.



In flow control devices (ICD) or autonomos inflow control device (AICD), which improves oil recovery, can be integrated with Secure to improve process efficiency of the well production.


Capture can incorporate a sliding sleeve door (SSD) to provide a system that allows selective shut-off in different sections of the pay zone. A shifting tool is used to close the sliding sleeve, successfully isolating the reservoir from the tubing ID.


Thru-tubing screens are miniatured version of the screen , designed to run inside existing tubing string as small as 2-3/8”.Screens are installed to perform re-medial sand control inside a failed screen or tubing where sand control was not installed.Thru-tubing screens can be gravel packed or run as stand-alone screens, depending on the sand conditions. Sizes ranges from 1” base pipe OD to 1.9”, with a product OD of 1.5” to 2.4”.

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