Every life matters and no one should be left behind.

CP in a small way reaching out to our needy and disadvantage individuals to provide them care, hope and necessities for them to grow and create an enabled community.


Our People

Our Senior leadership, led by Mr. Graeme John Dowsett, always believes that one of his biggest assets is the people.
He created a culture where everyone is given the equal opportunity, listening to all the voices, and always looking out for potential leaders and people to drive the company to next level of success. 
For these reasons the
#mytribe becomes a symbol and a DNA to every CP employee as it represents the common culture who always look out to one another.


CP celebrates different cultures and its diversity. The platform where everyone unite as one tribe with the same goal and desires.

Being open-minded with ideas, CP always adopt “out-of-the-box” creative approaches to align it’s people-focused strategy to be sustainable and adaptable. This helps to build up its Employer’s brand loyalty & value proposition over time, thus reducing staff turnover, which many times lead to higher cost of recruitment and training. 
CP encourage flexibility and create a place where everyone would learn and on the same time enjoy working.
Health and Safety of the employees is one of CP’s core in building long term growth and business value.



CP has been creative & proactive in planning different community projects as a give back to the society.  

Working closely with various community partners, we have organized Charity drive for Donations, teaching kids the value of teamwork and discipline through sports, Health Talks, Diversity & Inclusion, Saving Environment (like tree planting, recycling and waste management) just to name a few.  This is also a good opportunity for the employees to get together for team bonding & well-being.




Completion Products is committed to preserving our environment and   making   sparing   use   of   natural resources. This applies as much to our manufacturing processes as to our products.

Our environmental management system ensures that our environmental protection principles are effectively put into practice. The technical and organizational procedures required are regularly monitored and updated. It is the constant duty of our management to increase and encourage awareness of responsibility at all levels.

Potential impact on the environment is assessed and incorporated in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage. We endeavour to avoid environmental pollution or to limit it to a minimum even beyond the requirements of the applicable legislation.


Events & Initiatives