130,000 sqft manufacturing space

2  in Singapore, 1 in Indonesia


100+ People

24/7 Operational capabilities


1,300 Screens per month


Concept development & customization

With extensive knowledge in well completion design and characteristics, CP is well positioned to customize its product offerings suited to every environment. 

CP has developed and customized solutions, with tender inputs, well characteristics and limitations.

CP possess internal testing facility, which validates the effect of the solution.

Our design validation comprises of design calculations, internal/external testings, FMEA,CFD and FEA.

CP possess a team of experienced & dedicated R&D team , with which it thrives to deliver right solution at right cost in right time.

R&D department

Over the years, CP constantly worked with the clients by developing customized products based on their needs, patenting also some products as our niche.

To continuously extend its product line with innovation, CP strengthened its R&D and conducted multiple trainings to all levels about products’ specifications and functions. 



CP leads in innovative Screen manufacturing automation and process efficiency.
Key to our success is the ‘Quality’ perfection of our product offering, and the best way to achieve this is by safeguarding a large majority of the processing and sub-assembly manufacturing in-house. Our comprehensive competencies include:

Base pipe Perforation and De-burring Machine
Auto GTAW Filter Media Welding Machines
Induction Heat Treatment machines
Slip-on Wire Wrap Screen machine
Direct Wrap Screen machine
Secure mesh screen machine
Pre-pack Proppant filling station
Shroud Swaging Machine
Optical Camera Slot Inspection

CNC Lathe and Milling
Deep hole drilling
5-Axis Turn Mill
Phosphate Coating process
Xylan Coating Process
Brush Copper Plating process
CMM inspection
Tensile and Compression tester
Pressure test bay

Screens division

Completion Equipments



Since 2004, CP has continuously achieve Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:2008 for the design and manufacturing of our screens.

With a Quality Team equivalent to 20% of our total workforce, it is safe to say that we are strongly focused on Quality Management. Our on-going inspections and tests are being carried out throughout the entire production processes, this ensures that a superior product is supplied.

CP has developed with the aim to specialise in the manufacture of Sand Control Screens. The ultimate goal of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction is accomplished by strictly following essential business elements.

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