Incorporated in 2003, Completion Products “CP” has an enduring history of manufacturing and supplying high quality Sand Control Screens and Completion Accessories for the Oil & Gas Industry. 


As OEM to a major Oilfield Service company, our continual goal is to not only conform to our Suppliers Agreement, but to ensure that our relationship is based on mutual growth.  To achieve this, we stand to be transparent to our clients requirements, and provide them with the best solution to not only match but exceed their expectations.


“CP” has an enduring history of manufacturing and supplying high quality Sand Control Screens and Completion Accessories for the Oil & Gas Industry.





Completion Products Pte Ltd believes that its people provide the greatest value to the company. 

Completion Products Pte Ltd is fully committed to providing its employees, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors a clean, safe working environment and that Safety is the single most important value to Completion Products.

CP is located in Singapore and Indonesia. With 3 plants covering a total of 80,000 sqft of equipment manufacturing. We can currently manufacture up to 1,300 screens per month.



To be the number one provider of superior quality Sand Control Screens to our customer.


We shall work with our customer to understand their requirements and exceed their expectations by providing them with the highest value products in terms of quality, cost, delivery and service.


We will increase our value by striving towards business excellence.





Our total commitment is to Health, Safety and the Environment, for it contributes to the wellbeing of our people, our customers and our community.


Our mindset is absolute Quality in our products and services.


Integrity and Professionalism in all dealings with our customers, suppliers and business associates require our people to act in an ethical, transparent and courtesy manner.




People are our single greatest resource and contribute strongly to our success.  Engagement, Enablement, teamwork and empowerment are our core people values.


We value our Suppliers and Business associates as they contribute strongly to the success of the company.


Pursuit of Excellence in everything we do requires us to strive for Continuous Improvement and to encourage creativity, innovation and initiative.



Completion Products is an equal opportunity employer. 


What sets us apart from our competition is …. Our People.  All employment exercises are designed to promote workplace diversity, where varied experiences, education and skills are highly valued and applied across all departments towards the company’s common goals.


Because of this we view health & safety as a critical culture in our daily operations.




Completion Products supplies to over
40 countries world wide.


We have manufactured over 1.5 million ft of screens including over 1,000 units of completion accessories.


Our production output is supported by 3 factories and over 12 specialist in-house manufacturing machines.




Completion Products is committed to preserving our environment and making sparing use of natural resources.  This applies as much to our manufacturing processes as to our products.

Our environmental management system ensures that our environmental protection principles are effectively put into practice.  The technical and organizational procedures required are regularly monitored and updated.  It is the constant duty of our management to increase and encourage awareness of responsibility at all levels.


Potential impact on the environment is assessed and incorporated in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage.  We endeavour to avoid environmental pollution or to limit it to a minimum even beyond the requirements of the applicable legislation.